• Features

Key Features

  • Visual indicators show the status of the queue line through variations in the color and blinking of Programmable Function Keys

  • Record custom greetings for each queue

  • Each queue can be assigned a descriptive name to appear whenever drop down menus are available or on your phone display when the phone is ringing

  • Programmable Function Keys can be set so that specific keys light up to represent specific call queues

  • Each phone can be set to respond to queue conditions differently, including different ring cadences, ringing after a user-specified number of callers enter the queue or after callers have exceeded a user-specified time period

  • Calls can be directed to managers or co-workers if the wait time becomes too long, or too many calls are in queue at any given time

  • Track detailed statistics on the performance of individual agents as well as on each call queue within the system

  • Sold as an option

    • One time license fee

    • Unlimited number of users

    • Server software 7.1 is required
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