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NEW Vehicular mount chargers for Vertex Standard radios. Convergence is proud to announce the availabity of new vehicular-mounted chargers for most Vertex Standard Radio Products. Now, never worry about your portable radio battery being not fully charged and ready for your critical system use. We can provide a self-install kit, or perform custom, professional installation at your location. Contact us today at 1-866-54-RADIO or to inquire about pricing and availability.
Convergence Communications announces the availability of new encryption solutions. Convergence is proud to announce the availabity of new, advanced encryption products specifically designed for use in the Vertex Standard line of Land Mobile Radios. With the ability to provide up to 18 quintrillion keys using 64 bit key length, this rolling code dynamic hopping encryption scheme is deployable in conventional analog, voted analog, repeaters, trunking or P25 systems. Contact us today to learn about this exciting new way to ensure privacy and security in your existing or new radio communications system. Contact us today at 1-866-54-RADIO or to learn more about our encryption systems.
Convergence Communications deploys Proxim GigaLink unlicensed Gigabit Ethernet Solution. Convergence has recently deployed a dual-system redundant 60 GHz Full GigE Wirless system to provide temporary connectivity for a client to maintain seamless connectivity with their established VOIP system and servers. This system was deployed in a very short timeframe and was able to do what other traditional connectivity means were not. To find out more about how solutions from Proxim www.proxim.comcan serve your connecivity needs--both short and long term, contact us today by Clicking Here or Calling1-866-54-RADIO.
Liebert three-phase products now available. Convergence Communications is proud to announce that we are now approved to provide the entire suite of three-phase Liebert uninterruptible power systems. The complete line of Liebert power solutions is available at:
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