Radio Rentals

The smart way to ensure the success of any event where instant and reliable communications is essential.

Whether it's a sporting event, business expo, conference, parade, church festival, fair, or any event--instant communications enhances safety, customer service, and efficiency. From two units through 200 units or more, Convergence Communications can supply both short and long-term radio rental solutions that ensure your message gets through. We have all kinds of two-way radios available for rental along with extra batteries and accessories such as speaker-microphones; we can custom-tailor a solution to fit your needs and your budget. We even have mobile radios and repeaters available to extend the range of your portable radios. We can even bridge your rental radios to a Nextel-IDEN push-to-talk system for total interoperability!

We offer same-day service for radio replacements in the event any units should need servicing while on rental. Operating on your channels or ours--the possibilities are limitless when it comes to supplying equipment to fulfill your communications requirements. Trust Convergence Communications to be there when your message must be heard.

We offer competitive daily, weekly, and monthly rates that make our solutions affordable. Click here to contact us about radio rentals, or call toll-free: 1-866-54-RADIO today to learn more.
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